Book cover: Storyteller from Kalo Chorio.

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The Storyteller from Kalo Chorio

“Michael Cosby brilliantly captures the affable, witty, and humorous being who was my father. He was a free-spirited man loved by thousands of people from all walks of life. Weaving the pieces of my dad’s life into a coherent biography is a daunting undertaking that Cosby masterfully accomplishes. I will treasure this book and so will you.” 

—Thales Panagides 

 “The value of hidden treasure cannot be measured until it is uncovered and shared with the world. Michael Cosby has done just this with the compelling story of the life of Dafnis Panagides! From a corner of the world where a rich and textured history is often overshadowed on the world stage by events and places of broader notoriety comes the story of a man whose life was spent in the service of others and at the same time in the sacrament of living life to its fullest. Take a moment and learn from Dafnis about the balance of these things in times of profound hardship and in times of peace!” 

—Rick Granger, author and global nomad 

“Michael Cosby’s captivating account of the life of Dafnis Panagides captures the fascinating personality of the man and causes readers to ponder the meanings of paradox, passion, and activism. This honest portrayal demonstrates the unconventional leadership of a vibrant heart. It enabled me to think more about my own life and also how to view others’ lives nonjudgmentally. I love the focus on love and justice in this very inspirational narrative. I learned much by reading Storyteller, for it deals with the human condition, cultures and history. Magnificent!”

—Dennis Plies, Professor Emeritus

“Saints are inspiring, but storytellers are often more interesting. The Storyteller from Kalo Chorio recounts the rollercoaster life of Daphnis Panagides, along with the joys and frustrations of being his friend. Mixing biography with travelogue and personal reflection, this story of a life well lived will delight anyone interested in eccentric characters or the wonderful island of Cyprus where Panagides lived.”

—Douglas Jacobsen, author of The World’s Christians

“Cosby’s account of travels in Cyprus with its native son, revolutionary turned peacemaker, Dafnis Panagides, was engrossing from the start. The life of Dafnis, told through the eyes of an American, reveals the rich tapestry of this intriguing island with its inimitable braiding of religion and politics. Cosby is a consummate storyteller himself. His fluid writing style and light-hearted humor will engage lovers of creative non-fiction everywhere. I highly recommend this book!”

—Terri Smiley, leadership consultant and bibliophile

 “There are two lead characters in Michael Cosby’s new book. One is the enigmatic and spirited Dafnis Panagides. The other is Cyprus itself, a rugged Mediterranean island with a dramatic history and a complicated present. Cosby deftly interweaves the life story of Dafnis with vibrant descriptions of the place that shaped and inspired him, inviting readers to experience the island’s charms and complexities for themselves.”

Kathryn Jacobsen, William E. Cooper Distinguished 

University Chair, University of Richmond

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